Acquisitions & Investments

Past Investments

Vectra Group Ltd: 

We sold the business in October 2007 to Arcadis.

Sira Test & Certification Ltd and Sira Environmental Ltd: 

We sold the business in July 2009 to CSA Group.

Interactive Prospect Targeting Ltd.

We sold our 46% holding in the company in December 2013 to the company's management team.

JMP Consultants Ltd.

We sold the company in December 2015 to Systra (UK) Ltd.

Impetus Automotive Ltd.

We acquired 83% of the company on 26 March 2015 and sold it to MSX International on 04 October 2018.

Sira Defence and Security Ltd.

We acquired 100% of the company in 2006 and sold it to NICE Ltd. in May 2019.

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